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Welcome to Satyross It-company

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We are here to make all the daring and creative ideas of our customers come true.
We believe that creating a project without a soul, without taking into account its philosophy and purpose is not acceptable and defames its creators. Our goal is to create a unique and successful product.

Accepting our service, you will not only conversations with our representative in messsengers or phone,but also a lot of attention to your project, expert evaluation and opinions of our specialists. We are eager to create the most useful and working products.

What we love to do


Our guys from the specialized division of Design Thinking Lab will reopen your project and show you the best way to express it and to build its business model. They will help to detect potential problems or shortcomings of the project, and they will immediately suggest ways of solving them.
And these guys are very creative and are qualified in types of vine and modern painting.

Mobile app development

With each passing day, more and more users are falling precisely on mobile devices and every progressive company includes the integration of mobile platforms into its business in its strategic development plan. Our team from Mobile Development will create a functional, sophisticated design mobile application designed to solve your business problem. Or make a mobile game and we’re all together now going to test it!

Support & Maintain services

Running a project is just a small step in the life cycle of any site. Depending on the goals and objectives of the project, it will require a number of maintenance and support. We are well aware of these needs, as we have already faced with this. Do not worry if your site developed by another company or a group of freelancers, we will provide for your project a full range of service and support. Be sure we’ll clean up all the bikes and crutches behind them!

Web development

Website, blog or internet solution for business? Our guys from Web Development Division can do anything. We know that your creative solutions should enhance the capabilities of your business. Which is why the credo of our team – “Beauty and functionality are the keys to success”

It is easy to start a project but it is hard to do it well. Well, not for us.

How do we do it


It is important for us to understand all aspects and details of your idea. In a series of few online meetings, we will try to find out all the questions we need. You shouldn’t worry about the content of this meetings, as they are strictly confidential and will not go beyond the team. So do not be afraid to be honest with us!


Writing a document is great! But it’s important to see how it looks like in real life. Our designers will create a series of sketches and prototypes for your product in order to show how it might look like.


There will be some technical magic flavored with advanced technologies. We will work by short iterations, as this is the most effective method of creating large projects. After each iteration, we will demonstrate the results of our work and the number of drunk coffee.


It is important not only to start work, but also to complete it. We put emphasis on brining your project to perfection, even at the final point of releasing and further support. We are aimed to successful project and thus the customer is satisfied. And we’ll give out delicious sweets at the end of the project!

See you soon!

We understand how important your project is to you and what hopes you place on it.
We understand how important it is for you to find performers whom you can trust and rely on.
We suggest that you do not just execute your project, but together with you go from the formation of your idea to the implementation of your project.

Contact us – we will definitely find a common language!

Welcome to Satyros!